Why do people use MockLab?

Keep building and testing when the APIs you use aren't ready

Ship more robust systems by simulating edge cases and faults

Performance testing without large 3rd party bills

The fast and simple API simulator built on WireMock

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Shorter release cycles, more predictable schedules and fewer defects in production

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Stateful scenarios

Ship better apps earlier by mocking the APIs you depend on

Mocklab offers a hosted WireMock experience

Rapidly simulate APIs for faster parallel development and more comprehensive testing

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Simulate stateful behaviour in your mocked API using a simple finite state machine model.

Response templating

Dynamically render responses using the Handlebars templating language.

Manual and automated testing

Craft your simulation using the friendly, no-code UI or go fully automated with the 100% WireMock-compatible API.

Capture traffic to another API, then play it back from MockLab.

Record and playback

Swagger support

Import your Swagger definitions to generate mock APIs automatically, or integrate directly with Swaggerhub via webhooks.

Test your app to destruction by injecting delays, dropped connections, drip-drip responses and corrupt HTTP payloads.

Delays and faults

All the power and flexibility you need for pain-free testing

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