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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a mock API?

A mock API is a dedicated subdomain under hosting a collection of stubs defining the API's behaviour. Typically you would create a mock API for each real API you wish to simulate.

How can I pay?

The fastest and easiest way to pay is via credit or debit card. However, we can also accept direct funds transfer for annual plans in a number of currencies. Please get in touch via or the chat widget if you'd like to know more.


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For individuals and small teams doing exploratory and light automated testing

10 requests per second rate limit

Up to 1000 requests per month

Mock APIs sleep after 4 hours

Shared hosting

Any team size

Unlimited mock APIs

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Any team size

Unlimited mock APIs

Dedicated hosting

No rate limiting

Request packages to suit your workload

Priority support and SLA

Mock APIs never sleep 

What happens if I go over the request limit?

Nothing will happen automatically - your mock APIs will continue to work. If you regularly exceed the limit or make a lot of requests we'll be in touch to offer you a plan that's suited to your workload.

What is the benefit of dedicated hosting?

Your APIs will run on a virtual machine dedicated to you, meaning you won't share CPU, memory or network capacity with other customers.

This means that your APIs' performance will be much more consistent and you're much less likely to experience disruption from other customers' activities.

We also don't apply any rate limiting to dedicated instances, making it the ideal choice for performance and high-volume automated functional testing.

Are my payment details secure?

We use Stripe to process all card payments, and your card details will only be seen and stored by Stripe's systems, never MockLab's.